A new "old habit": Give it a try to the Hair Rollers - Colors of Life
A new "old habit": Give it a try to the Hair Rollers - Colors of Life

My hair is getting damaged day by day, and yes, I am writing this article to save my frazzled hair while judging the products that I use, mostly the heated tools.

The heated tools are kind of handy and ,to be honest, easy to use, but they have a huge guilt on our hair’s damage. Even you apply plenty of heat protection products before using them, well who really knows what is inside of that heat protection products, your hair will be damaged.

So one alternative to heated hair curlers are hair rollers. My mother’s and grandmother’s hair rollers. Even it seem really old fashion habit, it is a healthy way to get perfect curls without burning your hair slowly.

When you check the pros and cons, you will see that it has long term benefits. Just consider it as a vintage option.

So if you are bored with the heated tools, and wanted to try something more healty for your hair, give it a try to the hair rollers. There are some small steps;

  • Clean hair is the first step.
  • Apart your hair into four or six sections.
  • Roll your aparted hairs around hair roller.
  • Make sure that your hair rollers are secure.
  • Wait a long among of time to let your curls set.
  • Remove the hair rollers, and shake your curls with your fingers. Do not brush your hair, it will look unfashionable.
  • Hair spray all over your head, and apply extra volume while hanging your head upside down.
  • You can apply was into your individual curls to more define them.
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