A Summer Day - Colors of Life
A Summer Day - Colors of Life

The sun had finally raised up at the seaside after the long rainy days. She lifted her aching back from the mattress, while the humidity inside of the tent was winning the war against the fresh air. She managed to walk out of the tent even the small stones on the ground sinking on her feet from the plastic flat tent tarp under the mattress.

She had heard the sounds of every living thing that touched to the soil last night, the footsteps and laughers of the people, the clicking noises of the bugs, the moving bushes with the wind, even the grains of the rain were too loud that night. She couldn’t figure out whether all of those sounds were really close or was that just because of the echo inside of the tent. But she was truly happy when she looked up at the blue sky at the five am in the morning, despite all of that sounds, the discomfort of the mattress, and the stuffiness of the tent.
In every breath she took while looking at the sky, the aroma of wet soil and fresh leaf scents mixed with the sea breeze, coming into her dry nostrils, and then heating up slowly while filling her lungs. She leaned over the plastic bottle left outside the tent, and took a sip of cool water inside of it to moisturize her dry lips.
The coast was very quiet as no one else had awakened yet. This coast, the two meter distance between the sea and the tent, was entirely made up of stones, and every living creature had to overcome this path to qualify for swimming.
She crossed her arms while looking to the sea. The sea was now as motionless and straight as a sheet, and the sky was crystal clear as if it was imitating the sea, and she did not know if that view was because of the sun after the constant rains for several days or if the winds were now tired of blowing and wanted to get some rest.
The small waves were gently and quietly hitting the stones on the shore with the light wind blowing over the sea, as if they were tired soldiers returning from a heavy war. While she was walking towards the dried up wooden pier in the middle of the stone coast, people could suddenly break down with these meaningless troubles in our little lives despite of this old pier standing against all the rains, the burning salt of the sea and the strokes of the waves, she thought.
She decided to get into the sea that morning, and yet the stones were the small challenges on her way. She was a stubborn sometimes, and the other times she just accepted what it came, even she did not like.
She had an annoying frictional touch under her naked feet when she stepped up to the rough, thin wooden pier, and the feeling increased each step, reminding her a sad moment for an unknown reason. “Reaching to the sea at this perfect summer morning is worth every pain”, she thought. And as she thought, here she was at the pier tip, stretching her arms towards to the sun, and to the sea, as a butterfly. She dipped her left foot into the sea, and suddenly, all parts of her body triggered with the cold of the water.
She hesitated for a moment to get into the water.

“It is like pulling of the band-aid…” she thought.
And she jumped into the water.

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