Everyone Deserves to Be Loved - Colors of Life
Everyone Deserves to Be Loved - Colors of Life

I received an e-mail from the BBC about their short films on their web page last week. I checked the web page, and really liked most of the short films indeed. But I watched two of them about 100 times until I decided to write something about them.

I realized that most of my life is centered on the same idea, and it is simply explained with two small quotes from that two movies. And I can find at least 100 people, who share the same feelings with me.

Glenda Jackson, starts her speech with a really touching quote.

“Every woman who is successful, regardless of the field that she works in or appears in, is deemed to be the exception that proves the rule.

And every time a woman, in whatever field, fails, she is simply, [sigh] well, she’s a woman, isn’t she? “

Roy Hackett, an anti-racism pioneer explains what he did while fighting against the racism…

“I keep trying because everybody thinks I’m a no-good, and I keep trying until I become a too good”

Glenda and Roy, both are above 80 years old, and they worked for the same goal, even though they lived distinct lives. The goal is simply to make a better world altogether, for everyone on the earth. At least this is what I found for myself. This needs to be the goal for humanity, because issues around human rights remain, and we are not even close to a solution, most probably we will never be but anyways.

“Until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes..”

Why we are still at a point to “work” on human rights? Considering that human rights should have been given from birth, and we are living in 2019, duh, it is still a hard question for me to answer. Well for an ideal world, in Utopia or Mars, we should not be working on it, but we are living in world, so nothing is perfect as it sounds. Human nature is always greedy, rapacious and selfish, that’s the truth, but it is also the opposite, compassion, loving and generous. Like everything else on the world, we have all those feelings, and we also have the opposite feelings. I will not categorize the feelings as “bad” or “good”, because all those feelings have a purpose and help us to survive and live our lives.

I believe in humanity, it may be because I have nothing else to hold on, or maybe I am correct –most probably coz I am just naïve but anyways… When I see little girls achieve unbelievable things, and I meet new people who have the same feelings me. And especially when I share laughter with a child on a sunny spring day.

It is very sad that we all know, how children of the world suffer from war and starvation, and we are doing almost nothing for that [big sigh]. One third of the world population, maybe more, have cultural or religious rules which are against the human rights, and who am I to judge that. On the other side of the world, people are still excluded because of their skin or their gender. This problem is almost everywhere.

What can we do to make a change? We can change small things, starting from ourselves. We can educate ourselves and share our knowledge with others. We can start raising our child with equal advantage and love, regardless of their gender. We can be stronger than before now, knowing that we are not alone.

Here is my list, which I constantly remind myself, to become a better version of myself.

  • Resisting the greed for every area of your life

Human is the only creature who stores the food, clothing, water, and wants to store everything which he/she can. We want to store, because we always want more and more, even we have enough.

Do not be greed, be more frugal for every area of your life. Because we share this nature, and every unnecessary thing we use or create destroy nature, as well as the people, who have right to use that natural source.

  • Realize that not only you but everyone deserves to be loved

Everyone deserves to be loved, and every human being on the earth is special regardless of the skin, gender, nationality, and religion… We are all here, with a reason or without, and have the same happiness, have the same fears and thoughts.

  • Judging others is not an honorable way of showing how good you are

When I saw a picture on my IG page, and I mostly check the comments, stalker alert !. And if the IG page belongs to a celebrity, there are at least a bucket of bad comments, even the picture does not belong to that person.

The reason for these bad comments mostly is to show how good you are, by judging and pointing to the other. Why are we doing this? We are not the same, and we will never be, so accept that and move on.

  • “Keep trying until you become a too good!”

When you feel disadvantages in any area of your life, or a gap, you must work tireless to close that gap. I am sorry to say that, I am taking this a bit serious, but working hard will be your best friend and believing yourself will come later to join you.

  • Insist on doing the things you love to do

Sometimes, other people want to limit you, even unknowingly, do not let them to limit you and insist on doing the things you love to do.

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