Hurricane Irma hit us at our Caribbean Holiday - Colors of Life
Hurricane Irma hit us at our Caribbean Holiday - Colors of Life

It was the middle of the day and there was a huge silence as every sound on the earth was gone. The ocean was like a sheet of glass, and the blue colour of the sea got darker as it got deeper. When I saw the Varadero beach for the first time, I knew that I found my best place on the earth. There was no one other than us on the beach, not a single bird or even a cloud on the sky. And when we heard that the hurricane Irma would destroy this beach tomorrow morning, we were lying on our beach towels under the coconut tree and was not thinking much about our survival plan. Why Hurricane Irma, why?

After our 4 hours of irresponsible joy, and high pleasure of the silence, we decided to take a taxi with the recommendation of our casa owners and went back to the Havana. Our new casa on Havana was at the Malecon, on the third floor and had a great high ceiling architecture. There was only one road between the house and the ocean, so had a perfect ocean view. What a good location decision to survive the hurricane, right?

When we entered the house, our casa owner Richardo was boarding up the windows with plywood and his son was helping him. We met them just right there, honestly, we thought that they were overreacting as none of the other buildings had any hurricane preparation. 

There were four people living in the house, Richardo, his wife Tamara, their son, and Tetiana who is married to a Turkish man. No one speaks English in the house other than us. wohoo. Richardo had a part of his school education in Russia, so he speaks Russian and native Spanish of course. Tetiana knows Russian and Turkish, partially speaks Spanish. Tamara only speaks Spanish, and I am not sure about her son. So, when we were trying to ask something to Tamara, we told our question to Tetiana first in Turkish, Tetiana translated it to Russian and asked it to Richardo, then Richardo asked the question to Tamara. It was like a joke, and it was a funny one until the hurricane hit.

after the hurricane

We woke up to a windy weather and a wavy ocean, went to the balcony, laughed all together, took pictures. We never had a hurricane disaster before then, so could not realize what was coming. By the midday, we could not get closer to the windows, and at the evening the waves and the rain started to hit the windows. Our casa owner changed our room to another, safer, room.

We woke up in the middle of the first night, with the sound of rain, wind, and the broken roof. The house, on the third floor, was full of water, and the family was trying to take the water outside. They did not accept our help and insisted us to go back to our room, so we did that and stayed up all night.

after the hurricane

The water and electricity went down, the sounds got even worse and the rain was hitting and forcing the windows, honestly I am still not sure if that was the rain or the waves, the people on the grand floor was screaming, and we were trying to help them by the morning… I was scared, paranoid, wanted to do something to clear my mind but they did not let me help because I was a guest. pff. I sat to the rocking chair in our room, started to pray, then started to read my book, as a person in a horror movie, while my husband was so relaxed and telling me to relax, but this made me more paranoid.

At the next day, the rain stopped, and Richardo opened the door of the of the balcony…We all went out to the balcony to get some fresh air, the road was full of water and the wave was still too high. The lights on the road were about the same high as the building, and the bulbs of the lights were full of water. There were some people on the road, swimming, really they were swimming, and some of them were trying to walk. So the hurricane ended but we stuck on the house for one more day with no electricity and water.

after the hurricane

I lost my hope from electricity, water, going out, and catching our flight because the road was still full of water. While I was looking out from the balcony, my hair buckle, which was a gift from my husband, fell off to the road. dammit. My husband could manage to go outside from the building to get the hair buckle, and when he was back up, he said that all the back streets were clean, and we could go out. We had been waiting like birds in a cage because we only saw the road near to the ocean. We went outside to take a walk.

Most of the windows were broken, some buildings lost doors, most houses on the ground floor lost their furniture. The Irma came and literally took everything. And we realized how lucky we were to stay with Richardo and his family. 

Everything was back to normal, for us, and Ricardo found a taxi to the airport and so we caught our flight. Well, that’s another story because the airport just opened that day but anyways. I am really happy that this story ended well.

And as my husband said, this became a good memory to remember forever.

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