Mystery is Solved : Painting Your Nails Without Messing Them Up - Colors of Life
Mystery is Solved : Painting Your Nails Without Messing Them Up - Colors of Life

The nails are one of the unique part of the style and to be honest badly painted nails are not the one’s we admire to.

It is not always easy to find a good nail saloon all the time nearby, and a service cost is not low for the good places.

With the plenty of bad experiences in the nail saloons, DIY became my mode for the nail polish. But I have a huge clumsiness when it’s comes to painting my nails, and yet I have been trying to do it by myself for year having bad results until last week.

I found this youtube video and I can paint my nails very well with my clumsy hands. YAY ! I will write the process one by one below, and you can check the video if you want from that link.

  • Clear your nails with acetone, and remove all old paint stains from your nail.
  • Buffer your nails with a nail buffer after clearing them, with this way the nail polish will stay still. If you normally manicure your nails, just do it right now.
  • Apply a base coat to your nails to protect them from staining.
  • Place your nails to somewhere while painting to avoid any kind of shake or move.
  • Apply liquid peel guard of aka liquid latex as close as possible to your nails, if you are clumsy as me. Just make sure not applying it into your nails, just around to your nails. So this step solved my basic problems.
  • Apply the nail polish with 3 strokes. First doing a stroke down to middle, and to one side, and the other side then blending it in. Once you done, repeat the same steps for the second layer. Once you all done, don’t forget to cover the top edge of your nail.
  • Once you completed all your finger nails, remove the latex. Take a small brush of remover and perfect the nail polish.
  • Apply a fast drying top coat to all of your nails.
  • And the last, one your nails are all dry, apply nail oil to your cuticles.

Well it is a long process, which requiring patience but it worth all the results.

Hope you like it !!

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