Power up your beauty routine with 8 little secrets - Colors of Life
Power up your beauty routine with 8 little secrets - Colors of Life

The life goes too fast and we all are too busy with our jobs, education, people around us… And to be honest, small, quick, handy tips are really useful in every area of the life, especially on your beauty routine. Some small changes can make a big difference on your beauty routine, to make it perfect.  
Here 8 of them, and I hope you like it.

Image is intothegloss.com
image is from intothegloss.com
  • 60 seconds rule

Your skin will stay moist longer, if you apply your moisturizer 60 seconds after cleaning your face.

  • Dry your Nails faster

If you do not have enough time to wait for your nail polish to dry, well I never have enough time for that, put a few ice cube into a bowl and dip your fingers into the bowl for 1-2 minutes. Your nails will dry quickly.

  • More Shiny Hair

If your hair is dry due to the weather condition or skin problem, olive oil or vinegar might help to look shiny. Apply some oil or vinegar before you washing your hair, once or twice a week, -do not apply it in every shower-, and wash afterwards. You will see the results.

  • Bye to the staining nail polishes on you finger skin

There is a way to remove the staining nail polishes on your finger skin, and all you need is lemon, cotton and aluminum foil.

Cut the aluminum foil with the shape of your every finger. Apply some lemon on to the cotton, and put the cotton on the top of your fingers. Wrap them with aluminum foil, and wait for 10 minutes before removing them.
Voila !

  • Green Tea magic

At the end of a really hard day, you will need some relax and chill, lying on the coach some time and maybe some green tea by your side. Well do not waste the green tea bags, and apply the cold green tea bags on your eyes, they will get the puffy look of your eyes.

  • Static Electric on your Hair

Get some wet paper towel and rub your hair with that, your hair will settle down.

  • If your mascara is dry

Apply 2 drops of contact lens solution into your mascara. That will be a solution for that time 🙂

  • Make your fragrance last longer

Apply a little vaseline to your neck and wrists, then apply your fragrance to that areas. That will make your fragrance last a bit longer than normal.

So tell me about your secrets and tips? What are your little secrets ? command and let me know 🙂

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