The Dream - Colors of Life
The Dream - Colors of Life

Emily was asleep yet for an hour or two, the alarm of the clock started to ring. The alarm ring used to annoy her, but she did not care any longer, considering that the traffic noise would wake her up even the alarm did not. At this time of the day, there was mostly angry horns of the traffic, with a small amount of gas smoke, but today, it was quite as everybody else in the town was fall asleep.

She felt the fresh and calm early morning air on her chicks and opened her eyes. The curtain quietly blew in the wind, while the dust in the room was dancing with the morning light. She watched the moves of the curtain for a second in her bed, without knowing what was going to happen that day.

“There is no hope…” she thought, “There is no hope for this room”.

A small bed, and a wardrobe with full of diverse colored cloth hangers constituted ninety percent of her furniture, while a never used, unseen chair which covered with half of her clothes was the other ten percent.

The building was an old one, built in 1955. The new owners of the building came up with an idea of separating the rooms of the original apartments and turning them into the new smaller houses. With this new style, they could rent more places without restoring nothing.

This small houses were not really apartments, they were more like the rooms with bathroom and kitchen. But Emily was okay with that idea, until she found a new place with higher ceilings, and lesser price.

She went out of her bed and took a few small steps to the kitchen. The kitchen was quiet and peaceful, that morning, unlike every other day. This was her less favored place overall, as there was always a dirty plate to wash. The only charming thing for this area was the big windows with brown wooden frames, which were covering up the room side by side until the end of the other corner. The frames were harmonious very well with the cupboards, with a nostalgic brown color, and a rusty but solid look, as if they were old reliable workers of an old factory.

She grabbed the coffee mug from the round table which settled at the middle of the kitchen, while walking towards to the sink, she stopped all of a sudden. When she remembered that she had the strangest dream last night, she was standing still with her cold hands and the pale face as a stone.

“You should not tell anyone about your dreams my sweetheart” said her mother once to her and added “when I was your age, my mom told me to tell my dreams only to the water but nothing or no one else…” When she was ten, Emily had nodded her head, while thinking this was just a mother to daughter advice. But now she understood that every human creature was a mystery to every another, and the dreams were the most hidden secrets which should only be told to something as pure and clean as the water.

She pursued walking until she reached to the sink while all those thoughts came to pass in her mind. She put the mug into the sink, filled up a bowl with full of water and turned back to the table. She sat down to the chair, as the wooden chair creaked, and settled the bowl in front of her. She located her elbows to the table, dropped her head into her hands, and took a big breath while looking down to the water. She found the perfect balance between her hands and her head. She was comfy as sitting on a couch, even though her head felt heavy as a big rock for her tiny wrists at that time being.

She started to tell her dream, like a witch telling some magic words to the water.

“I was at the entrance of my house, out of my door.”

“The door seemed older and darker than it is now… I opened the door a crack and entered the room…Extensive amount of light was coming into the room from the window, that I could not manage to look straight. A couch was located near to the entrance, so I hided behind it with my hands covering both of my eyes. I managed to cast an eye to the room. I was distracted with the view since it was a fancy living room instead of my old kitchen…”

“I heard the sounds of the someone’s footsteps, the light inside of the room losses its glam as she walked by. When the sounds stopped, I viewed her, from her feet to her arms with my hided head behind the couch. My eyes popped out with her glowing skin as it was like a sky with the shining stars…umh..her dark black hair was up to the I scared as hell, jumped out to the door to the apartment hallway.”

“I froze behind the door with holding the door by my back, thinking whether she saw me or not or what would I do if she follows me… I started to run to the next door as the hallway got longer and longer with each step. I reached to the neighbor’s door and it was opened with my knock.”

“The door slammed behind me, when I stepped into the house. I was at my kitchen. I saw the dirty dishes on the sink, and the coffee mug from yesterday on the table while I was walking through my bedroom. When I was at the entrance of my bedroom, I saw a crying girl behind her back, sitting on my bed, wiping her tears.”

“I stepped back to the kitchen, and as if she heard me, she turned her face to the door. I saw her face for a second before escaping there. Her brown eyes were reddish from crying, and her face was still wet from the teardrops.”

“That girl was definitely me but no one else.”

“I ran out of the house and searching for a way out of the building as a lunatic. There was only one door left at the end of the hallway. I reached to the door and opened it with the prayers to find a way out.”

“I was, again, inside of a new house, and everything about this house looked normal to me. I took a big breath, and the peace on the air relaxed me.”

“One wall of the house was fully open and merged with a heaven alike garden while the other three walls were standing there as they supposed to. A green chair was placed as a gate between the garden and the house, and a child was on the sofa, playing with the flower shapes of the chair. “

“I relieved even more when I saw her. I told her, not to be afraid, that I was living on that apartment, and I asked her where the exit to this building was. She was about five years old, she jumped to the floor from the sofa, and came near to me.”

“She held my hand, looked up and gave me a smile instead of an answer. Her smile made my heart melt.”

“I asked her what her name was. She looked me again with her brown eyes, and said “Don’t you remember me?”

I looked deeper into her eyes as she repeated “Don’t you really remember me ?” and raised her eyebrows.


I did remember her, while a wall was raising up behind the green sofa all of a sudden.

I did remember her, while the sound of the raising wall was crashing my head.

I did remember her.

Yep, she was me. “

“The quake started to move the floor and my heart was about to explode while she seemed scared and sorry only for me, like nothing else was happening in that room.”

“I, again, turned back to the entrance door, while pushing her a bit away from me. But the door was not there where it supposed to be.”

“I searched every corner of the room with my eyes and saw one door at the cross corner of the room. The distance between me and the door enlarged as I spurted to the door…I reached the door, while she was yelling behind me “Don’t run or you will fall off !!” with an anxious sound.”

“The door opened as a port to the bedroom of my crying self at the back of her bed. I saw her on the bed, and she saw me when I speeded up through to the kitchen.”

“I saw the same door, with the same shape, at the same location, at the same corner. I realized that both of my selves were running behind we when I hit on the door with my shoulder.”

“This door relocated me to the first house this time, to the place where everything started. The shining girl was standing, with all her glory, as a star on the sky, while the others running as a horse behind me. I did not have a tiny thought in my mind to slow down a bit, until I crashed her by an oversight while passing by the room. She collapsed down to her knees looking like a broken sculpture, and I stumbled by the hit, but reached to the new door in this house.”

“She kneeled on the floor, and her dark hairs stood before her face as a dark fog. She softly raised her head, her face appeared slowly. I could see her face, her almond shaped eyes, and the small mole beside her nose…”

“She was me and I was her.”

“She extended her hands and opened them towards me. She looked at me with the appalled eyes and yelled with wise sound “Don’t run or you will fall off” …”

“I hesitated to open the door, yet I had no intention to stay there with them…uhm… It was a gray metal door with rose engravings, the round door handle was cold and ridid… I opened the door while looking to that three women, back behind me, and then took a step out from the door…

“The door was a gate up to the sky, and with my first step, I started to fall…”

“I was shouting out loud and falling like a tiny rock or a raindrop…passed through a cloud, and it divided in two pieces with my speed…I knew that I was going to die…My time on the sky ended up quickly and I woke up after smashing to the ground…”

When she came to the end of her dream, she was exhausted yet alleviated, as she got rid of a really heavy load.

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